Welcome to the Chemical Alliance Zone!

It Takes Great Chemistry for a Relationship to Last this Long. 

For more than 70 years, West Virginia has been a premier destination for the world's leading chemical companies.  A unique balance of rich natural resources, an excellent infrastructure, competitive taxes and incentives, strong community support for the chemical industry and a skilled workforce make it an optimum location.  And though West Virginia is renowned for its natural beauty, the refreshing rural atmosphere provides ample urban convenience.  Both Huntington and Charleston boast symphony orchestras, fine art facilities and sports complexes.  Academic collaboration is facilitated by five institutions of higher learning within the Chemical Alliance Zone (CAZ): West Virginia State University, West Virginia University, West Virginia University Institute of Technology, The University of Charleston, Marshall University and the Marshall University Graduate College.  Investing in West Virginia is an intelligent business decision.  Companies seeking areas for expansion, relocation or entirely new facilities will discover that the CAZ offers a promising future, based on a long history of success.  

West Virginia and the Chemical Industry - Great Chemistry and a Relationship 70-years strong. 

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    The Chemical Alliance Zone, Inc. (CAZ), a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and expanding the chemical industry and technology economy in WV, is seeking contract assistance for revamping and revitalizing the CAZ incubator...
  • Contract Position Announcement
    Contract Position Announcement   to Provide Assistance for   Developing a new, revitalized Incubator-Accelerator at the West Virginia Regional Technology Park     The Chemical Alliance Zone, Inc. (CAZ), a non-profit organization...
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